BT 3500

bt 3500

Random Access Chemistry Analyzer

The analyzer software is based on windows OS, intuitive and easy to use. It can work 24/24HRS, Performing routine or urgent (STAT) samples (Serum, Plasma, Urine) in random access

Besides Clinical Chemistry the analyzer can perform Turbidimetric tests, as well as Drugs of Abuse dosages. The I.S.E. module is available for indirect potentiometry K, Na, Cl, CO2, or direct potentiometry K, Na, Cl, Li.

Samples and reagents can identified via bar code. Programming as well as reading and positioning of samples can be performed via LIS or manually, Reagents can be ready-to-use or concentrated. The refrigerated Reagents chamber ensures the reagents a longer stability.

Depending on the User-defined programming, the analyzer can automatically repeat with dilution the Hyperactive samples and repeat the Pathological samples. Samples can be pre-treated as well as post-treated.

Calibrations and QC have a programmable timer-driven reminder. The analyzer has its own QC. Population and Patients Archives, for statistical data elaboration and Patients Reports printing. Maintenance is software assisted.

The arms (1 for samples and 1 for reagents) are equipped with a liquid detection sensor and an encoder for correct positioning. Reagents status is continuously monitored.


Analyses Type
Clinical Chemistry, Turbidimetric, DOA, I.S.E.
Throughput BT3500
Up to 360 Chem. Tests/hr + up to 190 ISE Tests/hr
Throughput BT3500S
Up to 360 Chem, Tests/hr + up to 240 ISE Tests/hr
ISE Module BT3500
Na, K, Cl, Co2, indirect potentiomerty serum & urine
ISE Module BT3500S
Na, K, Cl, Li direct potentiometry serum, diluted urine
Number of Reagents
80 Total
40 using 50 or 80 ml vessels
40 using 10 or 20 ml vessels
Refrigerated Reagent Bay
Reaction Volume
From 180 to 400 μL
Sample Volume
From 1.8 to 100 μL
Reading Cuvettes
45 non-disposable optical glass
Sampling Arms
2, for Serum and Reagents
Sample Tray # of Positions
78 Total
62 Samples - 16 Standards and Controls
Test Modes
Random Access, Batch, STAT
Test Directory
Up to 500
Cuvette Temp. Control
Peltier System OFF/30.32.37°C (± 0.2°C)
Vacuum Pump System
Solid State 10 Channel + Reference channel (340, 380, 405, 436, 480, 510, 546, 578, 630, 700nm)
Photometer Linearity
Up to 3.0 O.D.
Photometer Sensitivity
± 0.001 Abs.
2 - Long Life Ceramic 340μL
Diluter Accuracy
± 0.1% f.s.
Diluter Resolution
Clot Sensor
2 - one for each sampling arm
Bar Code
2 - Reagent and Serum
Built in QC Program
3 Levels Known, 3 Levels Unknown
Software assisted
Veterinary Version
Internal Windows PC
Process Electronics
12 microcontrollers. I2 CBUS protocol
DVD, HUB USB, HD + 100Gb
Operative System
Windows XP pro or later
Optional, on request printer & UPS
Color LCD 12”
Glass Protected, resistive
Keyboard & Mouse
RS232 + USB + LAN + VGA + Ethernet
Remote Diagnostics (Modem)
Power Supply
Universal input 100/240 Volt, 50-6- Hz, 590 Watt, PFC
Height 27”, Width 40”, Depth 23” (68×100×58cm)
210lb (95Kg)

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