MPI Excellence System

Crown design

Designed with micro-spiral to reduce vertical crestal bone resorption. Improves load distribution and fatigue resistance.

Spiral System Design

The double-entry spiral allows for controlled and continuous implant drive in all bone qualities. The active spiral design increases progressively from the apex to the micro-spiral, allowing for optimal primary anchorage in trabecular bone.

Apical Design

Its double-cutting blade and active apex allow axial condensation of the bone, achieving a gradual osteotome effect. The more pronounced spirals in the apical area provide greater initial stability to the implant, an ideal factor for immediate loading.

Connection design

The MPI Excellence® Morse Taper Internal Connection, with its double internal hexagon, facilitates fast and tight insertion of prosthetic components. The mono-block abutmentimplant effect prevents bacterial leaks with a completely tight mechanical seal and a total watertightness strengthens the design and prevents physical fatigue.

Handling and Reaction Margin

In order to be able to react and stop bacterial colonisation in the early stages, MPI has designed a smooth machined surface in the coronal area of the implant. . Decontamination processes are more effective and faster and minimised bone loss is guaranteed.

Integratec® Surface Treatment

Double surface treatment. t. Its optimal macro- and microstructure favours the adhesion of osteoblasts, responsible for bone formation. Healing times are reduced and early bone-toimplant contact is enhanced.

High-Performance Titanium

The Grade IV Titanium used for MPI Excellence implants is cold-formed. This treatment of the material improves its hardness by 20%, thus increasing the resistance of the implant to higher insertion torques. Material of German or Swiss origin.

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