S3 Smart Dental Diode Laser

S3 Smart Dental Diode Laser

Becoming the most efficient and innovative dental laser in the world!


Laser Module
Micro-optical integrated laser diodes 20,000h durability
450 (+/- 20nm) + 650nm + 980nm / 810nm
3W + 200mW + 7W / 6W
3W + 500mW + 10W / 6W (optional)
Dominant configuration
Operating Modes
Continuous Wave (CW) / Pulsed
Pulse width
Minimum 1μs, 500khz Precise adjustment
7-inch Retina touch display
HDR feature PPI 340
Control System
Dual CPU, multi-threaded computing
Control Software
Smart OS + AI + Human-laser interaction
(Patent Certification)
Fiber Connection
Direct Connect of Medical fibre: = 200μm
Or all-in-one dental handpiece
Aiming Beam
650nm - 2mW, adjustable density
Dimensions (L*W*H)
225mm * 150mm * 150mm
Aluminum-magnesium alloy case
Battery Capacity
3600mAh, 30min full power output
Double fan + electronic cooling
Multi-channel copper tube

Easy-To-Use Handpiece

One-Click for

Quick mode & Expert mode

Quick mode: for efficient operation safe and professional clinical advice from Pioon.

Expert mode: for a clinical breakthrough, parameters can be freely adjusted as needed.

Entering Commonly

Your frequently used presets will be automatically recognized as a start-up preset, doctors can directly enter with one click after booting.

Visual and Flexible

Adjustment of all parameters, allows dentists to change in one step while guaranteeing safety, minimises impact on treatment.

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