Quattro Bedpan Disposal System

With proven reliability, easy-to-clean surfaces, class-leading quietness, and efficiency, the Quattro by Haigh has been designed with Nurses, Estate Managers, and Site Operators front of mind.


We understand that your bedpan machine must work without fail tens if not hundreds of times per day in a busy sluice room.

Quattro is tested on pulp disposable items from all of the many manufacturers and types of products, from urine bottles to large wash bowls and sample pots.

Haigh tests all machines rigorously as they leave our production line. Many features have been expertly built in specifically to reduce the risk of machine failure or blockage of your drainage system:
✓ Weir technology controls particle size
✓ Automatic and mechanical operation
✓ Ease of access to all key components

Foreign objects (gloves etc.) are held back in the Quattro, macerated pulp particle size is also regulated by our unique concentric weir technology, controlling particle size and protecting drains from blockage.

Quattro is designed to make the life of the user as straightforward and pleasant as possible. As the 5th generation of the Haigh Sluicemaster range, Quattro does this by giving you:
✓ The lowest loading height
✓ The deepest opening
✓ High visibility foot pedal opening
✓ Automatic starting
✓ Fast cycle time
✓ The quietest macerator as tested by Quietmark

As a result, not only does Quattro aim to make the life of the carer better but particularly with its class-leading low sound levels and short run time, the disposal of patient waste is kept discrete with minimal disruption, even during the night.

Compliant. Best practice.

Your sluice room may not be the most glamorous part of your site but it need not be unpleasant to work in and needs to be compliant with relevant regulations.

Quattro improves your site environment:
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Embedded antimicrobial silver ions
✓ Efficient use of Energy and Water for ISO14001
✓ Quality lid seal restricts odors
✓ End-of-cycle sanitization
✓ WRAS approved

Cleaner surfaces combined with the single-use pulp concept demonstrably lead to a lower risk of cross-infection.


Cycle performance:
82-180 seconds | 52-56 dBA | 54-59 dB max | Up to 4 standard medical pulp items Hands-free open | Option for hands-free closing to improve infection control.

15 – 22 liters per cycle used | 5.5 liters per minute cold water supply required.

< 0.01 kWh per cycle | 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz or 400V / 3Ph / 50Hz supply required.

Inlet, Outlet & Cistern:
¾” BSP Inlet | 2” BSP multi-fit P-trap Outlet | 11 litre cistern: EN 13077

Product Footprint:
Width: 411 mm | Loading Height: 784mm | Depth: 524mm | Dry Weight: 58.5 kg

Quattro: The Efficient Choice

Minimise Water Use

Minimise Energy Use

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