MPI All-In System

Crown Design

The crown area with rings optimises fatigue distribution by reducing stress on the bone crest. In the case of bacterial colonisation, the spread of bacteria is slowed down by the closed ring design, giving the clinician room to manoeuvre and react.

Spiral System Design

The “Straight-Conical” body and the 1.0 mm spiral spacing allow for controlled insertion and ease of surgery. The shape of the spiral provides retentive anchorage in all bone qualities for optimal initial stability.

Apical Design

Its three self-tapping threads gradually compact the bone, giving it an unbeatable osteotome effect. . Its rounded apex optimises the positioning of the implant in the socket drilled by the clinician.

Connection Design

The MPI All-In® Internal Morse Taper Connection with its double internal hexagon facilitates fast and tight insertion of the prosthetic components. The monobloc effect of the abutment implant prevents bacterial leaks and strengthens the design by preventing physical fatigue.

Integratec® Surface Treatment

Double Integratec® surface treatment. Its optimal macro-structure and micro-structure favor osteoblast adhesion and increase bone-implant contact.

High-Performance Titanium

The Grade IV titanium used for MPI All-In® implants is cold-formed. This treatment of the material improves its hardness by 20%, thus increasing the resistance of the implant to higher insertion torques. Material of German or Swiss origin.

Prosthetic components

With this dental solution, MPI includes one of the following prosthetic components of the clinician’s choice:

Transepithelial / Interface + Definitive Screw / Castable Cr-Co + Definitive Screw

If more components are required, MPI offers a wide range of prosthetic solutions that make it easier for practitioners to create cement-retained, screw-retained and overdenture restorations.

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